Location, Location, Location!

The exposition center will be within feet of the intersections of Interstates 81 and 77 at Exit 77.  With the two interstates crisscrossing the heart of Southwest Virginia, each day more than +80,000 vehicles will pass by the facility, offering over 29 million yearly views of the center.

The greatest selling point of the Appalachian Regional Exposition Center is its location!  Located midway between Roanoke and Bristol; Charleston, West Virginia, and Charlotte, North Carolina; and the Florida-line and Canadian border, the exposition center will be within a day’s drive of half the American population and serve as the region’s premier entertainment venue.

Though never referred to as such, Southwest Virginia acts as Virginia’s pan-handle and unlike other portions of the Commonwealth, residents of this region are never more than forty-five minutes from the borders of at least two other states. Due to the ease with which residents can cross state lines, in recent years much of the disposable incomes of local residents has been spent in neighboring states. The creation of an exposition center in the heart of the Commonwealth’s panhandle will reverse this trend and cause an influx of disposable incomes from four neighboring states (West Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee and North Carolina). The proposed center will be strategically located within a tank of gas of millions of Americans.